July 2023

Shadow Partners joins forces with National Institute of Building Sciences

Shadow Partners joins forces with National Institute of Building Sciences

Earlier this month, Shadow Partners and the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) launched a collaboration to leverage our Strategic Partner Network and drive innovation and solutions to challenges facing the built environment.

NIBS is the same group that reports to the President Of The United States every year to highlight work to improve the safety, performance, and resilience of the nation’s buildings and communities; enable innovation and responsible use of technology across the building industry; and ensure that we have a skilled, competent, and future-focused workforce.

The Strategic Partner Network connects top executives from leading organizations across the built industry and creates a platform to connect and foster relationships with influential C-suite leaders in the built environment sector and it will help NIBS enhance their brand exposure within the architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate industries.

Establishing meaningful connections within the Strategic Partner Network will allow NIBS to drive influence and find solutions to issues, including the climate crisis, decarbonization, industrialized construction, and workforce challenges.

KP Reddy, Founder and CEO of Shadow Partners, emphasized the importance of cutting-edge solutions in an ever-evolving built environment, remarking, "In the midst of abundant innovation, it becomes crucial to identify vetted, credible solutions and keep pace with change. With our roots in venture capital and extensive experience advising top A/E/C firms, we can address the real issues and drive meaningful innovation for our partners. We’ve selected to partner with NIBS because they position the United States government to be a meaningful leader of innovation when it comes to climate, decarbonization, and artificial intelligence.”

To read the press release from NIBS in its entirety, visit: https://www.nibs.org/news/national-institute-building-sciences-and-shadow-partners-build-strategy-industry-leadership

To learn more about the Shadow Partners, Strategic Partner Network, contact Ian Pollock at ipollock@shadowpartners.co